THORTM Next Generation Messaging platform offers carriers the advantages of an open architecture, innovative services and a smooth integration into the existing infrastructure. It connects easily to any network, whether based on SS7, SIP, ISDN or the emerging IMS standard. Carriers are free to use THORTM either as a functional add-on, a parallel system (for premium or new subscribers) or a full-scale replacement of the legacy voice mail system. THORTM provides multiple concurrent services on a single platform. Operators can easily scale up to an unlimited number of users, ports and services.


The ability to implement new value-added services on a single multifunctional platform helps carriers to significantly reduce their capital and operating expenditures. They are free to choose any combination from a large portfolio of services and to expand both in size and functionality according to market demands. The simple integration of additional services into an existing THORTM environment results in short time-to-market cycles for innovative applications, enabling carriers to proactively address their customers’ needs.


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