THORTM offers a full suite of Call Completion services for voice and video calls designed to significantly reduce the number of unsuccessful connections.

More than 40% of mobile-terminated calls are not connected because the called party is not available, does not answer the phone or is busy. The basic idea behind call completion services is to detect calls where one party (A) could not reach another party (B) for whatever reason and to facilitate subsequent call completion.


THORTM Call Completion Solutions enable carriers to increase ARPU by boosting overall Call Completion rates. Both registered voice/video mail users and non-users benefit from seamless communications and improved reachability. Depending on the service setup, the different Call Completion options can be activated on a call-by-call basis or permanently for a given subscriber.


- The caller is asked if he would like to be notified as soon as the called number is reachable again.

- The caller receives a notification SMS with the called party number as the SMS sender for immediate one-button call back.


Deployments have shown that “Notify A” significantly increases voice traffic and revenue, especially from interconnect charges and additional created calls.


- The caller is asked if he wishes to be called back when the called party becomes available again.

- If yes the regular “lost call SMS” which will be sent to B party is expanded by an explicit call-back request.


Call Completion offers rule-sets for optimized offerings upon a busy call.

- To be called back when B party becomes available again. (A party is on-net user)

- Called party will receive SMS containing a “call back request”. (A party is off-net user)


Via Instant Voicemail the Voicemail to MMS service can also be offered to non-voicemail users.

A special prompt indicates the difference to regular voicemail:


“Please do not hang up! Record your message now and it will be delivered immediately by MMS.”


After recording, the message is delivered directly to the called party’s handset via MMS without any further storage. Recipient benefits from same one-click options offered in the standard Voicemail to MMS service


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